Hi my name is Aruba Jasmine, welcome to my official cam site. 

I am a private and homely girl with a very naughty side. Which is why I especially enjoy to get naughty on cam from my bedroom. 
Growing up I was very shy and wouldn't talk to boys, from a virgin I remained with one boyfriend for so long, repressing all of my sexual desires, while I completed my law degree.
I tried conforming and doing what was seen as socially acceptable, but it wasn't for me. I truly enjoy sex and expressing myself through it, I just love orgasming and enjoy sharing that most tender moment and seeing a man orgasm for me too. 
So I decided to jump in at the deep end and from having only one sexual parter, I acted out some of my sexual fantasies by performing in porn scenes with women, as I had always been bi-curious and what better way was there to meet some hot females?
After that I was approached by Brazzers to perform some Boy/Girl scenes, I thought "why not"? I liked how it was always clean and it felt much safer and healthier than trying things with people I couldn't be sure of. 
But that is not enough for me, I just want to share my sexual fantasies with more of you straight from my bedroom. I have toys to play with and love getting super naughty. So whenever you are feeling horny, why not come on here and cam, or call me?
If I am not online, you can download a clip. I create and film all of my own content now, so ArubaJasmine.com and here, CamWithAruba.com are the only places you will be able to get my new scenes.
I can't wait to get to know you better, Let's cam!
Aruba Jasmine